FROM LONDON WITH LOVE: practising PET writing part 2


This week we practised PET writing part 2 with one of our B1 groups of teens. We decided to break with the daily routine of using the textbook and make it more interesting and motivating. We always try to make students learn in a more realistic environment, that is why we try hard to get them involved in a pure English-speaking environment. Therefore, this time we tried using ‘realia’, what would make our lesson assimilate to real conversational exchange.

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What time is it?

How to teach kids telling the time in a fun way? Playing a game of course!

96FEB837-9EC8-473B-BB30-4324DACF34FCBut first things first… Let’s draw a big clock and explain the rules. It’s essential to teach children new information in parts. That’s why we are going to start from the right (using PAST form) and then add the information on the left (with TO). Write different times on the board and elicit them in English to practise a bit more.

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IMG_7385I first tried this activity with my students from Kids 6 group. As my pupils are growing older, a lot more knowledge is required from them. More and more grammatical structures appear in every unit. The latest topic we have learnt about was Present Perfect and the lesson was focused on time expressions with for and since. I guess that, off the record, at the beginning all of us have some problems with the difference between these prepositions. Is it referring to a period of time or a moment in the past? Tough, isn’t it? And this is when I came up with an idea of this activity.

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Our Teens 3: Leyi, Hugo, Antonio, Oscar, Jorge, Cristian and Nuria.

Hello everyone!

Recently our Teens 3 group has been studying a fascinating topic; it is about travel and holidays – who doesn’t like travelling? In this lesson they have learnt common words and phrases connected with travel and transport. I love dealing with activities that capture and hold teens’ interest. Of course, the aim is to inspire and engage the students and activate learning across all four skills.

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On choices in life


Many times in our lives we don’t have a choice. Choices are crucial in a variety of situations in life, and it is our right and responsibility to make them, as I say, whenever we can.

Over the last four months I have come to make quite a lot of decisions and I have forced other people to make them as well. If I had had a choice, I would have tried to escape this responsibility but I didn’t. That is precisely my point here today.

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Learning vocabulary can be cool!

Our C1 students, Lucía and Sergio.

Today’s post is the result of the last FECEI Conference in Madrid, which we participated in at the beginning of February. I was inspired by one of the speakers whose presentation focused on vocabulary learning. I have always asked myself how my students can practise the vocabulary given in class in an active, fun and efficient way. I seriously doubt whether they dedicate enough time at home to learn new words by heart, especially my students in higher levels. When all is said and done in class how can I make them work on enhancing their vocabulary?

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Our B1 students, Beatriz, Gloria, Nora and Sergio.

Some weeks ago I was in class with my B1 students working on ‘clothing vocabulary’ and I wondered how I could manage to make them use specific terms and get some fluency when speaking about that topic. Having knowledge of vocabulary related to clothes is really necessary in their PET exam at the end of the course, and also in the future when they travel abroad and go shopping for clothes. Definitely, we are killing two birds with one stone – acquiring tools to pass the exam and also developing their speaking skills for real life.

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I didn’t know I wanted to become a teacher until the day I realised that by being a teacher I could make a difference in the world around me. What I have always known is that everything I got involved in, I needed to do my best. Thus, I soon understood I really desired to be not just a simple teacher, but a good one – one of those you never forget, one of those who manage to transmit values and make their students enjoy learning.

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Halloween Project: A Haunted House

img_6172My entry this week is related to the celebration of Hallowen. In relation to this topic I will mention that, due to the closeness that we, teachers of English, have towards this celebration, it is a recurrent theme at this time of the year. Nevertheless, it is not a commonly shared idea among members of the educational system, parents or students. Therefore, I will stand up for Halloween as a festival and promote its teaching not only here in Spain but also in the classrooms all around the world, as it is a way to make students familiar with a festival that is celebrated in more and more countries in the world.

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