Reading is one of the skills assessed in the Cambridge examinations, which many of our students will take soon. Too often, we find learners who are not used to reading even in their mother tongue, so it’s an added difficulty. Basically, we must improve our reading by reading. Here are some tips which will help you:

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Learning vocabulary can be cool!

Our C1 students, Lucía and Sergio.

Today’s post is the result of the last FECEI Conference in Madrid, which we participated in at the beginning of February. I was inspired by one of the speakers whose presentation focused on vocabulary learning. I have always asked myself how my students can practise the vocabulary given in class in an active, fun and efficient way. I seriously doubt whether they dedicate enough time at home to learn new words by heart, especially my students in higher levels. When all is said and done in class how can I make them work on enhancing their vocabulary?

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Our B1 students, Beatriz, Gloria, Nora and Sergio.

Some weeks ago I was in class with my B1 students working on ‘clothing vocabulary’ and I wondered how I could manage to make them use specific terms and get some fluency when speaking about that topic. Having knowledge of vocabulary related to clothes is really necessary in their PET exam at the end of the course, and also in the future when they travel abroad and go shopping for clothes. Definitely, we are killing two birds with one stone – acquiring tools to pass the exam and also developing their speaking skills for real life.

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