IMG_7385I first tried this activity with my students from Kids 6 group. As my pupils are growing older, a lot more knowledge is required from them. More and more grammatical structures appear in every unit. The latest topic we have learnt about was Present Perfect and the lesson was focused on time expressions with for and since. I guess that, off the record, at the beginning all of us have some problems with the difference between these prepositions. Is it referring to a period of time or a moment in the past? Tough, isn’t it? And this is when I came up with an idea of this activity.

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Our Teens 3: Leyi, Hugo, Antonio, Oscar, Jorge, Cristian and Nuria.

Hello everyone!

Recently our Teens 3 group has been studying a fascinating topic; it is about travel and holidays – who doesn’t like travelling? In this lesson they have learnt common words and phrases connected with travel and transport. I love dealing with activities that capture and hold teens’ interest. Of course, the aim is to inspire and engage the students and activate learning across all four skills.

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On choices in life


Many times in our lives we don’t have a choice. Choices are crucial in a variety of situations in life, and it is our right and responsibility to make them, as I say, whenever we can.

Over the last four months I have come to make quite a lot of decisions and I have forced other people to make them as well. If I had had a choice, I would have tried to escape this responsibility but I didn’t. That is precisely my point here today.

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