FROM LONDON WITH LOVE: practising PET writing part 2


This week we practised PET writing part 2 with one of our B1 groups of teens. We decided to break with the daily routine of using the textbook and make it more interesting and motivating. We always try to make students learn in a more realistic environment, that is why we try hard to get them involved in a pure English-speaking environment. Therefore, this time we tried using ‘realia’, what would make our lesson assimilate to real conversational exchange.

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What time is it?

How to teach kids telling the time in a fun way? Playing a game of course!

96FEB837-9EC8-473B-BB30-4324DACF34FCBut first things first… Let’s draw a big clock and explain the rules. It’s essential to teach children new information in parts. That’s why we are going to start from the right (using PAST form) and then add the information on the left (with TO). Write different times on the board and elicit them in English to practise a bit more.

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